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Tachyon protection against mobile EMF II.

From an energy point of view, cancer or other illness is definitely a composite, entropy process. Any system that goes through the process of entropy over time will find itself in a state of exhaustion and the natural outcome is disease, imbalance, or death. From a holistic perspective, the issue of mobile phones in relation […]

Tachyon protection against mobile EMF I.

Do we realize what impact mobile phones have on our body? In the following two-part article, I would like to point out the study of the possible effects of mobile phones, which form an integral part of modern life, which accompanies us from early morning until evening, some of which have mobiles at bed and […]

History of modern tachyon research

The rediscovery of the use of tachyon energy in modern times is associated with the name of the revolutionary inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943). Tesla has been working for years on how to effectively use tachyon energy as an alternative to the alternating current generators he invented before. Because of disagreements with his patron […]

Holistic balancing system

According to elaborated tachyon theory and based on research Gabriel Cousensa is the SOEP (subtle organizing energy field) that is responsible for transforming tachyon energy into the appropriate form and frequency needed for that form. SOEPs could also be called subtle packages that interact with each other and with each other. For a better understanding […]

Tachyon energy interaction

As I mentioned on this blog, tachyon energy is found all around us, and each of us is in touch with it. Let’s take an example of the human body. Energy exchange is ongoing. According to the theory of tachyon energy and the zero-point field, everything is available for proper functioning. Why is this not […]