Nowadays it is well known that all forms are a kind of vibration and are in constant motion. We also know that they all influence each other. Let’s just think of how our hearts are beating near a loved one. Several years ago, even a group of scientists at the Institute of Bioinformation discovered that living organisms emit energy vibrations with a frequency between 300-2000 nanometers. [1] More and more, there is evidence that we are part of energy fields that interact with each other and even now we are able to measure these energies using instruments. It would be possible to give countless evidence of the existence of the fields surrounding us and to confirm the integrity of the systems. In particular, I am referring to a holistic approach to medicine, which is already beginning to be adopted by classical medicine. Even my father (a doctor in Bratislava) recommends patients who are hurling over local pains to look at the overall lifestyle and not to devour one pill at a time.

Every natural form has its own potential.

Every natural form has its own potential. Suppose we could now multiply that potential at 1 580 000%! [2] It does the Tachyonization process with natural materials, by changing the structure at the sub-molecular level. Tachyonization lasts 14 days, after which the object becomes a permanent tachyon energy transmitter within a certain range. Tachonized silicon discs emit densified tachyon energy up to about 2m. However, not all materials are suitable for tachyonization. They must only be natural products. If you are trying to sell a plastic tachyon bracelet, you will know what it is 🙂

Tachyonoized materials keep their potential forever, so don’t worry about expiration. Just like the radio will still receive the sound without having to change it every year, tachyon products are permanent antennas.

David Wagner’s Tachyonization Process Video:

See more resources at official -> Planet Tachyon page

Use of Tachyonized TM products may:

  • induce natural detoxification of the organism
  • increase the level of physical energy and sensitivity
  • improve the absorption and metabolism of minerals and nutrients
  • has a positive effect on central nervous system and brain functions
  • it can make you feel more energetic

The Tachyonization process is officially patented. David Wagner is the only person who understands and knows the secrets of this process, and therefore he is also strictly guarded, like Coca-Cola. Of course, tachyonization has not always met with enthusiasm, and people have also been found to be a threat. He personally mentioned that he was also the target of several attacks and therefore decided to insure this secret so that it was always available to all mankind. In the early days of the research, as usual, he did not succeed for the first time. After several failed attempts, he managed to find a way to transform the basic structure of natural substances into tachyon energy antennas within 14 days. I deliberately mention natural materials because only these are able to transform into tachyon energy conductors. This is not possible with plastics. Therefore, you should also be careful what kind of products some sellers offer under the Tachyon brand.

Although the process of tachyonization is a secret, it is possible to zoom in at least what tachyinization is not. The process is not based on frequency, rotation or transmission. It does not use sound, vacuum, prayer, photons, crystal, orgone energy, magnets or SE5. As already mentioned, Tachyonization creates harmonic structures from the physical to the subtle matter.


[1] Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands Of Light. Healing and human energy field. Pragma.

[2]  http://tachyon-ostrava.webnode.cz/news/dalsi-vysvetleni-procesu-tachyonizacetm/

[3] David Wagner

Official distributor of Tachyon products (Advanced Tachyon Technologies)

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