Tachyon energy is completely different.

Tachyon is not a frequency, nor is it a frequency approach. There are no frequencies, vibrations or rotations at a level at which it exists above the speed of light. The action of tachyne energy is regulated by the internal intelligence of the SOEP. When tachyon is used in a particular area, SOEP will transform what it needs to bring that area back into perfect balance and harmony. Tachyon does not cure, but rather supplies the body with the necessary energy to help itself.
These simple examples have been chosen to give you insight into the challenges that frequency-based medicine faces, as well as the mixed results that it will achieve. The use of tachyon energy has one huge advantage as it reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects to zero. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the use of tachyon energy is something completely different and cannot be compared to any other form of energy medicine or subtle energy amplifiers.

Full life as a superconductor:

Tachyon is the obvious binder between what has shape and what has no shape. It offers the possibility to open so-called. Exogate (the gate between what has shape and what is formless) to everything that is.

Another unique aspect of using only source energy is that we don’t have to worry about side effects. Even if we apply so much energy that certain parts of our body will experience a very strong, very fast healing effect and other parts will not be particularly affected by it, it will not be a problem. Tachyon energy sometimes causes detoxification and such healing effects that one may consider for a moment to be very unpleasant, but the result will always be positive. Tachyon energy use is not associated with other inconveniences. It does not require a lot of knowledge and experience that would be necessary for its proper use, because the healing process is in charge of the body itself. We do not use tachyon forcibly to achieve specific healing results, but rather let the body heal itself. Tachyon energy simply functions as a natural catalyst for this self-healing process.

Once upon a time, science and spirituality separated from each other, and each direction followed its path to the source of all existence. Tachyon is a synergetic energy that brings the scientific and spiritual journey back to one point. Developing our spiritual potential, achieving harmony in all walks of life, as well as trying to maintain good health are all natural goals. Achieving them directly depends on how well our Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF) can convert tachyon into various necessary frequencies that pass through all levels of the subtle body of our being to finally reach our physical body. We don’t have to turn into something that we really weren’t. Instead, we can become a “superconductor”. From a scientific point of view, a superconductor is a material that imposes no resistance to the flow of energy. What we are trying to achieve in relation to optimal health is to create a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body that becomes a superconductor, that is, it will not resist the cosmic energy that enters our lives through the continuum. If we look at the matter spiritually, we see that we are co-creators of our health. Our spiritual potential can only develop as much as we prevent the blockage of free energy flow in our system. In life we ​​are able to achieve perfect health and thus higher levels of joy. As superconductors, we are moving towards a state of optimal health and the highest level of order through the order – chaos – order process. This is what happens when we begin to cleanse all energy blockages with tachyon. Every blockade that we remove adds a little more joy to the cosmic energy that flows through us. We can literally feel it. When we experience it repeatedly (and when this divine energy always fills us with joy, peace and contentment) we begin to understand that we are ourselves with this divine energy.

Only we ourselves have to make decisions in this life. Are we choosing a lifestyle, a diet, a journey through the world that helps us become a superconductor? Or do we choose such a way that we ignore the natural and divine laws and thus create more chaos, entropy and degeneration in our lives? How does one make such a choice? Is this a conscious choice, or are there other factors affecting this very critical factor, the preservation or destruction of life? What determines our decision to become a more or less functioning superconductor of the energy continuum? We will find the answer when the moment of truth comes.


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Tachyon Energy – A New Paradigm of General Health:

Overall health, harmony and healing of the body, emotions, mental and spiritual levels – all this is based on the energy source that is essential for our existence. Therefore, healing at any level depends heavily on the connection to the primary energy that is the source of existence. From maintaining and rejuvenating the body to the deepest levels of overall healing, it all depends on our ability to connect to an energy source that charges energy and creates forms of material existence as we know it.
To appreciate and truly understand the principles of tachyon healing, it will help us briefly look at the theory of vibration healing for all medicine. The vibration approach includes such therapies as orgone therapy, magnetic field therapy, radionics, bioresonance therapy, photon energy, homeopathy, sacred geometry treatment, crystal therapy and color therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, elixirs from gemstone, gemstone sound, opposing electric coils, working with negative ions or neutrines, quarks or other particles, and many other frequencies that are even more complicated due to individualized frequencies and clockwise or anti-clockwise, positive, negative or neutral rotations.
All these methods are based on one common principle. In the energy continuity of our subtle bodies, blockages can occur at any frequency level. These blockages then cause health problems. Using energies with certain frequencies correctly can result in excellent results, provided one knows what frequencies to use and for how long.

However, all these methods have three significant disadvantages that cannot be avoided:

1. Energy exposures at certain frequencies, as used in vibration medicine, is limited by the bandwidth of these frequencies. For example, photon energy is described as light energy packages. Scientists use this concept to refer to the aspect of light particles.
Photons are always associated with electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. This frequency is in the range between 4-65 microns. For example, there is currently a frequency energy instrument that emits photon energy from the infrared spectrum with only a wavelength between 4-16 microns. It is a small electromagnetic wave selected from the total frequency disposition of photon energy. This small bandwidth corresponds to the frequency in the energy body. If there was a blockage in this narrow frequency domain, there would be a lack of energy between the blocked level and the physical body. But what if the blockages are between 18 and 35 micrometers? Then, the use of this frequency of photon energy could have an indirect effect, but it certainly would not deprive the system of blocking or re-integrate the system into the energy continuum. Here we see that one of the greatest drawbacks of energy medicine lies in the fact that in order to use the right frequency for treatment, it is necessary to know precisely in what vibration band the blockade is located.

2. All subtle therapeutic methods, except tachyon, work with only one frequency or one frequency band separated from the entire frequency spectrum. The ability to contain the full spectrum and all the information needed to clean up the entire system and re-establish the full functionality of our energy continuum at one frequency rarely thrives, as most people may have numerous blockages in different frequency bands.

3. Energy at certain frequencies may also have a detrimental effect for two main reasons: (a) an excess of any frequency may be as potentially harmful as a lack of energy; (b) since the frequency is not intelligent, it is a decision on its duration and the type of frequency depends on the wisdom, understanding and education of the person who uses it. A simple example is sufficient to explain. The sun is a wonderful source of photon energy. It is about 20-30 minutes a day for health. However, if you expose yourself to the same source of photon energy for four or five hours, it will make you crunchy. The reason is that this photon energy, like all frequencies, has no intelligence and does not know when to start and when to stop. The decision to move away from the sun rests with the individual. Another example is the excessive use of magnetic energy.
For example, it is known that magnets with a certain frequency work with the North and South poles, which we know, for example, have opposite effects. The South Pole activates. However, if it is used for too long, the system may become overactive and cause problems. For example, Dr. Cousens, author of the books Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, Sevenfold Peace and Conscious Eating, and director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, demonstrated through clinical research that some people who used magnetic field mattresses had increased blood pressure. Fortunately, when they were told to stop using the mattress, the high pressure disappeared. This may be because the magnets operate at a certain frequency, but do not have their own intelligence and therefore do not know when to stop.



[1] Dr. Andreas Jell, Tachyon, klíč ke zdraví. Souhrnná příručka o tachyonech, možnostech používaní tachyonizovaných produktu a léčení tachyonovou energií. 2005

[2] David Wagner, Gabriel Cousens, Energie tachyonu, Pragma, 2001, ISBN 80-7205-825-8

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For example, everything in the human body already exists in perfect form in Tachyon. An excellent example can also be found in the animal kingdom. We know that animals that have not been influenced by human beings lead a completely healthy life. For example, the life span of a mammal is up to seven times its development period. For a human, this would mean 140 years of totally healthy life. Of the 40,000 known to human medicine, only a few have been recorded in wildlife! This is because wild animals do not have the ability to block their energy continuum and, consequently, cannot cause deficiency or various diseases.

Tachyon Energy Continuum

Nature is obviously almost perfect, and so is tachyon energy. The energy continuum is a constant flow of energy flowing from unlimited zero-point energy, which is then condensed into a tachyon form, faster than light. Then there is an interaction between tachyon and SOEP, turning it into specific frequencies of SOEP, thus creating an energy matrix from which all physical forms are later formed. The energetic continuum contains both an infinite, formless expansion and a finite densified shape. Once we understand how this energy continuum works, we can also deduce the consequences of blockages in the downstream energy flow through its different levels. From the perspective of overall healing, the perfect healing is one that links healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We evolve up a continuous spiral from peace and then chaos to a higher level of peace and through chaos and disease to an even higher level of peace. Chaos is a stepping stone from one level of peace to another higher level of peace. Everyone experiences it, whether it is aware of it or not. Every new level of peace is a new level of health. Tachyon energy is the key that will guide us through the chaos and distress of our everyday life and create a new life system and quality. The use of tachyon is not only an overall model of treatment, but also a process whereby each of us can move towards complete health and unity with all that exists.


The first figure shows the interaction of evolutionary interaction between tachyon, which is faster than light, and our world, which is slower than light. Tachyon meets the SOEP pioneer here. SOEP converts tachyon into the frequencies required to further develop a pion to a muon that has a SOEP 10 times greater than the pion. When a muon encounters a tachyon, it converts into an electron that is SOEP up to 207 times the SOEP muon. This is the beginning of the energy continuum.

Zero point energy: ·

  • It is formless – present everywhere in the universe ·
  • Faster than light ·
  • It is unlimited, it has the full potential of the universe


Tachyon Energy: ·

  • Faster than light ·
  • Is present everywhere ·
  • It is unlimited, it also possesses the full potential of the universe needed to create the perfect form of the universe.

Subtle organizing SOEP energy fields: ·

  • There are below the speed of light ·
  • Convert tachyon energy to necessary frequencies ·
  • They are the energy source of the universe

In this example, SOEPs convert tachyon to a frequency exactly required for optimal human heart health. The zero-point energy, which does not take form and moves faster than light, is condensed to tachyon particles that still move faster than light but, in contrast to zero-point energy, are already in shape. Tachyons and SOEP interact. SOEPs convert tachyon energy to all possible frequencies of the universe. All forms of the universe consist of frequencies that hold together by SOEP. SOEP takes energy directly from tachyons, which represent the formless zero-point energy that is ubiquitous in the universe. (a picture)



[1] Dr. Andreas Jell, Tachyon, klíč ke zdraví. Souhrnná příručka o tachyonech, možnostech používaní tachyonizovaných produktu a léčení tachyonovou energií. 2005

[2] David Wagner, Gabriel Cousens, Energie tachyonu, Pragma, 2001, ISBN 80-7205-825-8

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We would like to remind you that tachyon (hypothetically elementary particle) has not yet been confirmed by science and therefore the following conclusions of Dr. Cousens and David Wagner cannot be considered scientifically proven. So far, these are only non-binding statements by tachyon researchers.

Physics of tachyon products

In quantum physics, the energy filling the universe is called “zero point energy.” The zero point energy, has no form / form, is ubiquitous and faster than light. It is infinitely intelligent and contains everything you need to create perfect form / matter. It has no frequency, does not rotate, vibrate, and is not subject to gravity. Tachyon energy is omnipresent, unlimited, and has all the potential to create perfect shapes in the universe. It does not rotate, vibrate, vibrate, and is not subject to gravity exactly as zero point energy. The difference between tachyon energy and zero-point energy is that the tachon energy has a shape. Let’s use a simple example. Imagine an infinitely vast ocean that contains an infinite number of drops, but like zero point energy, it has no shape. If you take one drop from the ocean, it will still contain everything that contains the ocean, but it will now be shaped. Likewise, the tachyon energy contains everything that exists in the zero point energy, but now it has a shape.

The condensation of zero-point energy into tachyon energy is the beginning of the energy continuum, which is immediately responsible for all shapes on this planet. The next step in this energy continuum is best explained by somewhat simplified physical terms. To explain this, let us examine, for example, the interaction of tachyon energy and particles from the etching family.

The first base particle of the etching family is a pion. The pion exists below the speed of light and has a precise, mathematically calculated orbit, which we call the “subtle organizing energy fields”, shortly SOEP (Subtle Organizing Energy Field – S.O.E.F). SOEPs exist just below the speed of light and are directly responsible for converting tachyon energy into frequencies that are needed to create, organize and maintain perfect form. Of course, all shapes consist of different frequencies. SOEPs convert tachyon energy precisely to the frequency that a given shape needs. In this case, the SOEP that we are investigating keeps the pion in its orbit. The SOEP of a pion just below the speed of light interacts with a tachyon that is faster than light. After the SOEP has converted tachyon to a pion rate, the pion immediately converts to a muon. The new muon has an orbit ten times greater than that of a pion. The SOEP is also just below the speed of light. If the SOEP muon now encounters a tachyon, the orbit will increase again and the muon will immediately form an electron. This new electron has an orbit 207 times that of the muon. This continuous process, when SOEP converts tachyon to the necessary frequencies, does not end there, of course, but continues with the entire energy continuum. It continues until it finally reaches the perfect shape – whether it be a human being or any other shape we know.

Tachyon Energy is the connecting energy that is responsible for creating all shapes on the planet. Tachyon energy plays a key role in the energy flow that runs from infinite formlessness to perfect form. This is an energy continuum. Like all forms in our universe that is slower than light, SOEP cannot reach speeds greater than the speed of light. This is a very important factor. Our world is a world of shapes, and the only way the world of shapes can connect to the formless zero-point energy is through tachyon. Tachyon energy has all the potential to create an energy continuum in any individualized life form.


[1] Dr. Andreas Jell, Tachyon, klíč ke zdraví. Souhrnná příručka o tachyonech, možnostech používaní tachyonizovaných produktu a léčení tachyonovou energií. 2005

[2] David Wagner, Gabriel Cousens, Energie tachyonu, Pragma, 2001, ISBN 80-7205-825-8

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A tachyon or tachyon particle is a hypothetical particle that is always faster than light. Most physicists believe that particles faster than light cannot exist because they do not comply with physical laws. If such particles existed, they could be used to assemble tachyon antithelephony – a hypothetical device that makes it possible to communicate with the past (with previous events). As an example, we can communicate with man on Earth and in a spaceship that moves away from Earth. He on the spaceship sends a message to a person on Earth. The person on earth who responds to this message arrives before the original message from a person in the universe.

Tachyons were first designed by physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, and named after Gerald Feinberg. The word Tachyon is derived from the Greek takhus which means fast, instant.

One suggestion was that tachyons can be produced by collision of high energy particles. Tachyon studies have been conducted in cosmic rays (radiation). Cosmic rays strike the Earth’s high-energy atmosphere, some with a speed of almost 99.99% as the speed of light, creating a clash with the molecules in the atmosphere. The particles formed by this collision interact with the air to form particles known as the cosmic spray phenomenon.

Tachyons have those unique features that they lose speed if they lose energy. Consequently, when they gain energy they slow down. The slowest possible speed for tachyons is the speed of light. Tachyons seem to deny causality, that is, the relationship between two events: cause and effect. If tachyons exist, then the theory of special relativity seems wrong. Tachyons can be attributed to properties such as normal matter, spin: the intrinsic relativistic property of an electron, and also an antitachyon.

Some physicists dealt with the concept of tachyons from the early 1960s until the mid-1970s, and only some conducted an experiment to capture tachyons in cosmic showers. Ida consists of the idea that high-energy cosmic ray particles collide with air molecules in the upper atmosphere, creating secondary sprays of billions of molecules, some of which we can target with the instruments we have on Earth. It is quite possible that tachyons could be formed by collisions at these altitudes more than 20 km above the ground.

In 1973, a pair of Australian scientists Roger Clay and Philip Crouch confirmed the successful capture of tachyon, but no one was able to repeat this claim. Some of the tachyons could be observed 60 microseconds before the main secondary spray (which consists of particles moving below the speed of light). In 2011, CERN measured a particle called neutrino velocity higher than the speed of light. However, these measurements still need to be confirmed. The future of science can bring us more light on this exciting topic, which tachyon is undoubtedly.

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