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A tachyon or tachyon particle is a hypothetical particle that is always faster than light. Most physicists believe that particles faster than light cannot exist because they do not comply with physical laws. If such particles existed, they could be used to assemble tachyon antithelephony – a hypothetical device that makes it possible to communicate with the past (with previous events). As an example, we can communicate with man on Earth and in a spaceship that moves away from Earth. He on the spaceship sends a message to a person on Earth. The person on earth who responds to this message arrives before the original message from a person in the universe.

Tachyons were first designed by physicist Arnold Sommerfeld, and named after Gerald Feinberg. The word Tachyon is derived from the Greek takhus which means fast, instant.

One suggestion was that tachyons can be produced by collision of high energy particles. Tachyon studies have been conducted in cosmic rays (radiation). Cosmic rays strike the Earth’s high-energy atmosphere, some with a speed of almost 99.99% as the speed of light, creating a clash with the molecules in the atmosphere. The particles formed by this collision interact with the air to form particles known as the cosmic spray phenomenon.

Tachyons have those unique features that they lose speed if they lose energy. Consequently, when they gain energy they slow down. The slowest possible speed for tachyons is the speed of light. Tachyons seem to deny causality, that is, the relationship between two events: cause and effect. If tachyons exist, then the theory of special relativity seems wrong. Tachyons can be attributed to properties such as normal matter, spin: the intrinsic relativistic property of an electron, and also an antitachyon.

Some physicists dealt with the concept of tachyons from the early 1960s until the mid-1970s, and only some conducted an experiment to capture tachyons in cosmic showers. Ida consists of the idea that high-energy cosmic ray particles collide with air molecules in the upper atmosphere, creating secondary sprays of billions of molecules, some of which we can target with the instruments we have on Earth. It is quite possible that tachyons could be formed by collisions at these altitudes more than 20 km above the ground.

In 1973, a pair of Australian scientists Roger Clay and Philip Crouch confirmed the successful capture of tachyon, but no one was able to repeat this claim. Some of the tachyons could be observed 60 microseconds before the main secondary spray (which consists of particles moving below the speed of light). In 2011, CERN measured a particle called neutrino velocity higher than the speed of light. However, these measurements still need to be confirmed. The future of science can bring us more light on this exciting topic, which tachyon is undoubtedly.

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The rediscovery of the use of tachyon energy in modern times is associated with the name of the revolutionary inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943). Tesla has been working for years on how to effectively use tachyon energy as an alternative to the alternating current generators he invented before. Because of disagreements with his patron George Westihnghous, who was worried about financial loss, Tesla decided to go his own way.

In 1931, Tesla and his nephew Peter Soro carried out well-documented and successful tests with a machine that powered a car without a visible power source. He used the Pierce Arrow, a heavy-duty luxury car of the time, for his tests. Instead of the engine had mounted quite different components, only clutch, transmission and drive belt remained. Under the hood, the car had a brushless electric motor that was attached to the engine or replaced it directly. Tesla reportedly did not reveal who constructed it. In the dashboard was placed a kind of “electric receiver”, which was a box containing 12 tubes. The receiver was mounted vertical antenna height of 183 cm. To gain energy, Tesla apparently placed one of his high-performance oscillators near Niagara Falls to power the car with wireless power. The car was able to achieve a huge speed of 130 km / h at that time. However, this invention was not allowed to continue. A few months after the test, Pierce Arrow went bankrupt. Perhaps this was again due to people worried about their profits from fossil fuel use. The Tesla convector was probably the first tachyon invention of modern times.

Another pioneer in using free energy was T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City. He was able to construct an energy convector faster than light, weighing only 28 kg but having a power of 50 kilowatts. Moray also tried to patent his invention. Although the office confirmed that the machine worked and without a visible source of energy, but because its source was invisible, the patent was rejected. Until his death in 1974, he shared his knowledge with a narrow group of interested scientists, even though he was constantly under death threats.

Both Tesla and Moray sought to address the global economic and social problems that resulted from ways of obtaining energy that could be solved more effectively. Although such technologies already exist today, it is possible to wonder whether humanity is mature enough to use them properly. Technology is only one part of solving global problems. A global change of consciousness towards harmony with the whole and compassion is needed to heal the planet. The result may then be the wise use of alternative technologies to benefit humanity.

Role of tachyon in modern times

Dr. As early as 1953, Hans Nieper of Hanover, USA, the authority in the treatment of cancer, atherosclerosis, metabolism and electrolytes or aging, expressed the view that there is energy faster than light. Many NASA measurements also confirmed his view. In his publication Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society, dr. Nieper writes that the existence of tachyon energy has been proven beyond doubt since 1975, and this energy will fundamentally change the world. Today, it is no longer a matter of demonstrating whether tachyon energy really exists as it is in many cases, including the official ATTI patent, but rather how to make the most of it for all humanity. One of the scientists who tries to go in this direction is prof. David Wagner.

In spite of all the obstacles of the tachyon era, it is a reality today, for which we can thank many scientists who have laid the foundation stone for the scientific and health use of tachyon energy.


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