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As I mentioned on this blog, tachyon energy is found all around us, and each of us is in touch with it. Let’s take an example of the human body. Energy exchange is ongoing. According to the theory of tachyon energy and the zero-point field, everything is available for proper functioning. Why is this not really the case, and we are suffering from diseases? Where did it go wrong on our way to us?

Whether we become ill, what disease and how serious it will depend mainly on how we behave and how we perceive the world around us – with love or with refusal. M. Hrabica


First of all, I would like to point out my understanding of the word illness. For me, illness does not mean anything terrible, bad, negative. Yes, we experience pain in it, that is true, and that is why we have this general view of diseases. Most people try to get rid of the disease as quickly as possible. We often hear sentences like: “I want the disease to go away and I can go on as before”. It is basically an attempt to separate from illness. I perceive illness as a signal or lesson. Each of these lessons can be interpreted. When I talk about a lesson, I want it to evoke in us that we need to learn something. A simple example – when we are healthy, we are in balance, something is coming, something is going away, and some dynamics are still going on. However, we are still unable to maintain this and we are in imbalance. Why? Because we have free will. The will to choose to go that or that way. Once we find ourselves in an imbalance for a while, we feel it in our own body in different forms. There is a simple rule: small injury = small signal, big injury = big signal for our life. We do not always understand why unpleasant things happen. But there is an ideal space to find out at the moment. Then it is natural that if we do not want something like this to happen to us again, we will try to find the cause and we will not try to get rid of the pain quickly without examining it. However, once we understand one lesson, we don’t have to repeat it. The same applies to health. When we understand the cause of a certain disease, we move on (and the next lesson can come :)). In this way, we are able to grow and realize everything around us.

Let’s move on to tachyon theory and how it relates to it all. So we have an inexhaustible resource that, with the help of tachyons, brings what we need, and our body transforms it into an appropriate form. In order to achieve the desired state of health, energy must flow freely through our body. When tachyon energy flows freely into our cells, it “completely organizes the entire metabolism towards an ideal way for it to function” (Wagner). However, sometimes we can create obstacles on this path. Take the Sun for example – it shines constantly on us and gives us warmth. The sun shines on everyone in the same way, it is up to us how we deal with it. By acting or thinking, we can create an imaginary cloud that begins to shield us to a certain place and restrict that energy supply. We usually blame the cloud that stands in our way and try to reassure him. Eventually, we find that the same cloud travels with us to the other city, on holiday or even the spotless Himalayas, to find that once we have created it ourselves, we can let it dissolve ourselves. As in the case of a clogged blood vessel, blood cannot flow freely into its place, as well as in the case of blocked energy, it cannot erase enough of its own energy to function properly. The block at the energy level will sooner or later manifest itself on the physical body that is dependent on the energy supply. On Earth we have everything we can to work in health, it is up to us whether we allow ourselves to be in harmony with the omnipresent energy.

To sum up, the healing process cannot be done without internal work. In fact, tachyons have no effect on their own, rather they organize space and energy flow to allow organisms to get to the desired state. your habits or thoughts about the disease you’re experiencing. I don’t mean to follow you now at every step 🙂 It will be enough to be aware and receptive at every moment of being. Good luck.



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