What we know about tachyon energy and tachyon products # 1

We would like to remind you that tachyon (hypothetically elementary particle) has not yet been confirmed by science and therefore the following conclusions of Dr. Cousens and David Wagner cannot be considered scientifically proven. So far, these are only non-binding statements by tachyon researchers.

Physics of tachyon products

In quantum physics, the energy filling the universe is called “zero point energy.” The zero point energy, has no form / form, is ubiquitous and faster than light. It is infinitely intelligent and contains everything you need to create perfect form / matter. It has no frequency, does not rotate, vibrate, and is not subject to gravity. Tachyon energy is omnipresent, unlimited, and has all the potential to create perfect shapes in the universe. It does not rotate, vibrate, vibrate, and is not subject to gravity exactly as zero point energy. The difference between tachyon energy and zero-point energy is that the tachon energy has a shape. Let’s use a simple example. Imagine an infinitely vast ocean that contains an infinite number of drops, but like zero point energy, it has no shape. If you take one drop from the ocean, it will still contain everything that contains the ocean, but it will now be shaped. Likewise, the tachyon energy contains everything that exists in the zero point energy, but now it has a shape.

The condensation of zero-point energy into tachyon energy is the beginning of the energy continuum, which is immediately responsible for all shapes on this planet. The next step in this energy continuum is best explained by somewhat simplified physical terms. To explain this, let us examine, for example, the interaction of tachyon energy and particles from the etching family.

The first base particle of the etching family is a pion. The pion exists below the speed of light and has a precise, mathematically calculated orbit, which we call the “subtle organizing energy fields”, shortly SOEP (Subtle Organizing Energy Field – S.O.E.F). SOEPs exist just below the speed of light and are directly responsible for converting tachyon energy into frequencies that are needed to create, organize and maintain perfect form. Of course, all shapes consist of different frequencies. SOEPs convert tachyon energy precisely to the frequency that a given shape needs. In this case, the SOEP that we are investigating keeps the pion in its orbit. The SOEP of a pion just below the speed of light interacts with a tachyon that is faster than light. After the SOEP has converted tachyon to a pion rate, the pion immediately converts to a muon. The new muon has an orbit ten times greater than that of a pion. The SOEP is also just below the speed of light. If the SOEP muon now encounters a tachyon, the orbit will increase again and the muon will immediately form an electron. This new electron has an orbit 207 times that of the muon. This continuous process, when SOEP converts tachyon to the necessary frequencies, does not end there, of course, but continues with the entire energy continuum. It continues until it finally reaches the perfect shape – whether it be a human being or any other shape we know.

Tachyon Energy is the connecting energy that is responsible for creating all shapes on the planet. Tachyon energy plays a key role in the energy flow that runs from infinite formlessness to perfect form. This is an energy continuum. Like all forms in our universe that is slower than light, SOEP cannot reach speeds greater than the speed of light. This is a very important factor. Our world is a world of shapes, and the only way the world of shapes can connect to the formless zero-point energy is through tachyon. Tachyon energy has all the potential to create an energy continuum in any individualized life form.


[1] Dr. Andreas Jell, Tachyon, klíč ke zdraví. Souhrnná příručka o tachyonech, možnostech používaní tachyonizovaných produktu a léčení tachyonovou energií. 2005

[2] David Wagner, Gabriel Cousens, Energie tachyonu, Pragma, 2001, ISBN 80-7205-825-8



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