If you are interested in ordering tachyon products, follow the steps below:

1, Custom order

1, You can order tachyon products directly on this page.

2, You need to register to the site first

3, After registration, it is possible to select, put into the basket and place an order via secure (https) e-shop

4, To order it is necessary to have either a) paypal account b) credit card (* site uses modern security systems to protect personal data)

5, Prices are quoted in USD, so it is always necessary to convert them using the current exchange rate for EUR.

6, Delivery on the address you entered takes approximately 6 working days (the warehouse for Europe is located in Germany)

7, The order will be delivered directly by the courier

8, Products can be returned within 30 days. Similarly, in case of non-delivery / wrong delivery, a claim is possible (from my own experience I can confirm 100% willingness and return / exchange of goods)

9, You just have to enjoy your new tachyon products


Enter code: sokol and get 10% discount on every order


1, Register on the website first

Registracia tachyon

2, Choose products


3, In the cart you can enter promo code

4, Finalise order and payment

Tachyon Pro krok 5

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