Tachyonized Micro Silica Drive can be used in many ways. The most common include protection against electromagnetic fields (EMF), increase energy value of food, beverages and for better sleep. They are extremely efficient direct tachyon energy antennae that allow attract energy to specific areas. If the biological system that is in disequilibrium operate Tachyon will gradually return to its original balance. It is also suitable for the regeneration of the body.

The energy that flows out of Tachyonized Micro Silica disk could be likened to a beam that comes from the lantern. These discs have a wide range of applications, but we do not recommend using their bare flesh (previously attached to clothing).

Tachyon Micro Silica disks are directed as well as Tachyon cells. Page from which energy flows is indicated by the words “ENERGY FLOWS OUT THIS SIDE” (energy flows from this side). Tachyon Micro Silica Disks are composed of a special silica dioxide (been scientifically developed for the high tech industry).

Studies show that Tachyonized Micro Silica disks placed at home on trips, or at work, neutralize the negative effects of extremely low frequencies while improving biological functions. These groundbreaking studies also clearly demonstrate that when electrical circuits your home protected Silica disks, food prepared with electrical appliances have greater life energy.

How to use Micro-disk:

first Injuries
– just remember that the first place Tachyonized Cells (or disks) to the affected area, the sooner can be improved and returning the balance
– recommended drives to use 24 hours and postpone their only when bathing or showering

second Unbalanced body
– are the same recommendations as for accident

3rd The immune system
– immune system disorders are more pervasive today (that’s just a fact),
– sometimes manifest as fatigue, but can one develop more serious problems.
– We recommend wearing the thymus energy cell or Micro drives and use Tachyon water that can rejuvenate the immune system and ease back into balance,
– for an adult is recommended to use Tachyon cells measuring 15 or 24 mm, for a child is using appropriate size tachyonized cells 8 and 15 mm

4th Meditation
– Many people use the Energy Cells and Micro-Disks to enhance their meditation.

5th Athletic Performance
– Energy Cells or Micro Disks can significantly enhance athletic performance
– experience shows that their use decreased fatigue and increased overall performance

Chronic conditions:
If you have a chronic or long-term problems, the tissue of your body need more time to bring it back into balance. Remember that you need to cover the whole area of ​​concern. Doing so may lead to prolonged healing time. The time required to achieve equilibrium can not be estimated in advance. Each person is unique, as is its unique situation. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself and treat your body the time it needs to return the balance.


Tachyon Micro Silica Disks are available in sizes with a diameter of 15mm and 35mm, packaged individually or in 3 pieces.

The actual Tachyonized Silica Disks are very thin and can be easily broken. For this reason, they are laminated. Laminating disks amplifies and in case of breakage keeps fragments together. Although Silica Disk breaks, it remains fully operational.