What we know about tachyon energy and tachyon products # 3

Tachyon Energy – A New Paradigm of General Health:

Overall health, harmony and healing of the body, emotions, mental and spiritual levels – all this is based on the energy source that is essential for our existence. Therefore, healing at any level depends heavily on the connection to the primary energy that is the source of existence. From maintaining and rejuvenating the body to the deepest levels of overall healing, it all depends on our ability to connect to an energy source that charges energy and creates forms of material existence as we know it.
To appreciate and truly understand the principles of tachyon healing, it will help us briefly look at the theory of vibration healing for all medicine. The vibration approach includes such therapies as orgone therapy, magnetic field therapy, radionics, bioresonance therapy, photon energy, homeopathy, sacred geometry treatment, crystal therapy and color therapy, Bach Flower Therapy, elixirs from gemstone, gemstone sound, opposing electric coils, working with negative ions or neutrines, quarks or other particles, and many other frequencies that are even more complicated due to individualized frequencies and clockwise or anti-clockwise, positive, negative or neutral rotations.
All these methods are based on one common principle. In the energy continuity of our subtle bodies, blockages can occur at any frequency level. These blockages then cause health problems. Using energies with certain frequencies correctly can result in excellent results, provided one knows what frequencies to use and for how long.

However, all these methods have three significant disadvantages that cannot be avoided:

1. Energy exposures at certain frequencies, as used in vibration medicine, is limited by the bandwidth of these frequencies. For example, photon energy is described as light energy packages. Scientists use this concept to refer to the aspect of light particles.
Photons are always associated with electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency. This frequency is in the range between 4-65 microns. For example, there is currently a frequency energy instrument that emits photon energy from the infrared spectrum with only a wavelength between 4-16 microns. It is a small electromagnetic wave selected from the total frequency disposition of photon energy. This small bandwidth corresponds to the frequency in the energy body. If there was a blockage in this narrow frequency domain, there would be a lack of energy between the blocked level and the physical body. But what if the blockages are between 18 and 35 micrometers? Then, the use of this frequency of photon energy could have an indirect effect, but it certainly would not deprive the system of blocking or re-integrate the system into the energy continuum. Here we see that one of the greatest drawbacks of energy medicine lies in the fact that in order to use the right frequency for treatment, it is necessary to know precisely in what vibration band the blockade is located.

2. All subtle therapeutic methods, except tachyon, work with only one frequency or one frequency band separated from the entire frequency spectrum. The ability to contain the full spectrum and all the information needed to clean up the entire system and re-establish the full functionality of our energy continuum at one frequency rarely thrives, as most people may have numerous blockages in different frequency bands.

3. Energy at certain frequencies may also have a detrimental effect for two main reasons: (a) an excess of any frequency may be as potentially harmful as a lack of energy; (b) since the frequency is not intelligent, it is a decision on its duration and the type of frequency depends on the wisdom, understanding and education of the person who uses it. A simple example is sufficient to explain. The sun is a wonderful source of photon energy. It is about 20-30 minutes a day for health. However, if you expose yourself to the same source of photon energy for four or five hours, it will make you crunchy. The reason is that this photon energy, like all frequencies, has no intelligence and does not know when to start and when to stop. The decision to move away from the sun rests with the individual. Another example is the excessive use of magnetic energy.
For example, it is known that magnets with a certain frequency work with the North and South poles, which we know, for example, have opposite effects. The South Pole activates. However, if it is used for too long, the system may become overactive and cause problems. For example, Dr. Cousens, author of the books Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet, Sevenfold Peace and Conscious Eating, and director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona, demonstrated through clinical research that some people who used magnetic field mattresses had increased blood pressure. Fortunately, when they were told to stop using the mattress, the high pressure disappeared. This may be because the magnets operate at a certain frequency, but do not have their own intelligence and therefore do not know when to stop.



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