What we know about tachyon energy and tachyon products # 4

Tachyon energy is completely different.

Tachyon is not a frequency, nor is it a frequency approach. There are no frequencies, vibrations or rotations at a level at which it exists above the speed of light. The action of tachyne energy is regulated by the internal intelligence of the SOEP. When tachyon is used in a particular area, SOEP will transform what it needs to bring that area back into perfect balance and harmony. Tachyon does not cure, but rather supplies the body with the necessary energy to help itself.
These simple examples have been chosen to give you insight into the challenges that frequency-based medicine faces, as well as the mixed results that it will achieve. The use of tachyon energy has one huge advantage as it reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects to zero. Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the use of tachyon energy is something completely different and cannot be compared to any other form of energy medicine or subtle energy amplifiers.

Full life as a superconductor:

Tachyon is the obvious binder between what has shape and what has no shape. It offers the possibility to open so-called. Exogate (the gate between what has shape and what is formless) to everything that is.

Another unique aspect of using only source energy is that we don’t have to worry about side effects. Even if we apply so much energy that certain parts of our body will experience a very strong, very fast healing effect and other parts will not be particularly affected by it, it will not be a problem. Tachyon energy sometimes causes detoxification and such healing effects that one may consider for a moment to be very unpleasant, but the result will always be positive. Tachyon energy use is not associated with other inconveniences. It does not require a lot of knowledge and experience that would be necessary for its proper use, because the healing process is in charge of the body itself. We do not use tachyon forcibly to achieve specific healing results, but rather let the body heal itself. Tachyon energy simply functions as a natural catalyst for this self-healing process.

Once upon a time, science and spirituality separated from each other, and each direction followed its path to the source of all existence. Tachyon is a synergetic energy that brings the scientific and spiritual journey back to one point. Developing our spiritual potential, achieving harmony in all walks of life, as well as trying to maintain good health are all natural goals. Achieving them directly depends on how well our Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEF) can convert tachyon into various necessary frequencies that pass through all levels of the subtle body of our being to finally reach our physical body. We don’t have to turn into something that we really weren’t. Instead, we can become a “superconductor”. From a scientific point of view, a superconductor is a material that imposes no resistance to the flow of energy. What we are trying to achieve in relation to optimal health is to create a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body that becomes a superconductor, that is, it will not resist the cosmic energy that enters our lives through the continuum. If we look at the matter spiritually, we see that we are co-creators of our health. Our spiritual potential can only develop as much as we prevent the blockage of free energy flow in our system. In life we ​​are able to achieve perfect health and thus higher levels of joy. As superconductors, we are moving towards a state of optimal health and the highest level of order through the order – chaos – order process. This is what happens when we begin to cleanse all energy blockages with tachyon. Every blockade that we remove adds a little more joy to the cosmic energy that flows through us. We can literally feel it. When we experience it repeatedly (and when this divine energy always fills us with joy, peace and contentment) we begin to understand that we are ourselves with this divine energy.

Only we ourselves have to make decisions in this life. Are we choosing a lifestyle, a diet, a journey through the world that helps us become a superconductor? Or do we choose such a way that we ignore the natural and divine laws and thus create more chaos, entropy and degeneration in our lives? How does one make such a choice? Is this a conscious choice, or are there other factors affecting this very critical factor, the preservation or destruction of life? What determines our decision to become a more or less functioning superconductor of the energy continuum? We will find the answer when the moment of truth comes.


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