What is Tachyon and Tachyon energy?

Tachyonová energia

Tachyon energy

Although it is not a not part of the common vocabulary, tachyon energy is increasingly heard in our latitudes. The term “tachyon” is mostly shrouded in a veil of mystery and does not detract from evoking the most common connection with physics or the universe. He even appeared in pop-culture in the sci-fi works of Star-Trek. Tachyon is still considered to be a hypothetical particle to this day, because modern quantum physics cannot measure anything faster than light. To get more under the surface, a little theory does not hurt at the outset. Where did he come from? What can it do for us? How does it actually work?

In the late 1970s, two phenomena began to be discussed in physics: Tachyon Energy and Zero-Point Energy. The term tachyon comes from the Greek ταχύς or tachys, meaning “fast”. For the first time in scientific theory, this term was applied by Gerald Feinberg in 1967 in his work “Possibility of Faster-Than-Light Particles”. However, references to particles faster than light have appeared in history before.

The zero-point energy can be described as an ocean. In that case, the tachyon drop is in the ocean.

The classical definition describes tachyons as ubiquitous particles moving at a speed greater than light. The particles themselves have no frequency and cannot be called pure energy in the true sense of the word. The second concept, the zero-point energy, is present throughout the universe, has no form, is faster than light, and contains the perfect potential of everything. The zero-point energy can be described as an ocean. In that case, the tachyon drop is in the ocean. The basic feature of tachyons is the interaction with forms that move slower than the speed of light – that is, most forms on Earth. Practically, when particles of slower frequency are encountered, tachyon acts on these forms (eg our body) as a catalyst. The result of interaction with tachyons is the drawing of the necessary energy to bring a higher form of equilibrium to both the physical and spiritual levels. The main advantage of tachyon energy is that it delivers only as much as necessary. Therefore, when used properly, tachyon energy is also relatively safe. Unlike other forms of energy, an “overdose” of tachyons is not possible. The accompanying effect may be more intense feelings and emotions that come out or a detoxification process. Although almost everyone can handle the use of tachyon products, it is always necessary to take into account their current condition and intuitively approach the healing process. Patience and gradual dosing have a much more beneficial effect than shock therapy. If a disease is the result of long-term malfunction, we cannot expect miracles at night. When we think about it, we realize that the tachyon energy that is all around us must inevitably act from time immemorial. So what do we need “more” tachyons when they are all around us, and why are we talking about it now more than ever before?

How did tachyon products get to us?

In the late 1980s, the life of the founder of Advanced Tachyon Technologies ™ (the International Society for Advanced Tachyon Technology, the only official company producing patented tachyon® products) fundamentally changed after an accident that completely disqualified him from working life. After unsuccessful attempts to heal his body he began to look for another way of healing and turned to the area in which he was proficient – experimental physics. Previously working on finding alternative sources for engines using free energy, based on Nikola Tesla’s attempts, he tried to adjust its effects on the form of treatment. After several unsuccessful attempts, he managed to fine-tune the Tachyonization process, which was able to convert certain types of additive material to tachyne energy antennas at the sub-molecular level. The first product was a silicon disk (because of its excellent conductivity), which he managed to transform into a permanent tachyon energy antenna. Thanks to this groundbreaking discovery, he was able to heal not only his body, but also helped thousands of other people around the world.

Practical use of tachyon energy:

Since their use in experimental physics, their properties have made tachyonized products a valuable aid in the field of alternative medicine. The nature of their actions in itself suggests a wide range of uses. That list is not definitive, because, due to its universal nature, tachyon products can be very effectively combined with other forms of medicine or health protection. Looking at tachyones as catalysts of energy flow in organized forms can help:

Accelerate regeneration and self-healing processes in the body
Increase physical and mental condition
Promote memory and concentration
Encourage spiritual growth
Neutralize electromagnetic fields

Tachyon products (TM) are mainly intended for people who:

They want to take care of the health of themselves and their family
They work with energy – therapists, acupuncturists, masseurs, chiropractors, doctors, etc.
They are engaged in healthy nutrition, food supplements or herbalism
They need an optimal working environment – in the office, when working with PCs, EMF fields, etc.
They engage in spiritual growth in any form

The concept of tachyon energy action:

Today, modern physics confirms that our body is not only composed of material matter, but our integral part is also subtle, almost imperceptible energy fields. Each form has its own vibration. Different vibration velocity is what determines different properties (color, shape, strength …). Different teachings use different names such as auras, subtle bodies, energy packs, and so on. What unites them is their connection to the ubiquitous energy found all around us. Everything is interconnected. In tachyon energy theory, the term “Energy Continuum” is used to link with space energy. It can be thought of as a tunnel or field in which energy moves. Originally all of this energy comes from one single point. We call this point “Zero Energy Point”. What connects us to this point through the energy continuum is tachyon energy. This energy has the same properties as the zero point, except that it is structured. Unlike all other known forms of energy (photon, orgone, radionic, etc.), its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is not infused with any of them. It means that even our thoughts, gravity, feelings or other energies do not change the essence of its functioning. It contains all the potential for restoring molds. It is precisely in structuring that the main manifestation lies in all forms. It is an essential property of tachyon energy that helps us return to sleep with everything around us. Properly structured structures allow the passage and flow of energy that nourishes our bodies, plants, animals and all other forms in the universe. It follows that in order to find the right, healthy state it is necessary to look for the causes of disharmony or blocked structures. The natural state is the free flow of energy in all directions. So what is the importance of materials that have undergone the tachyonization process?

Tachyon antennas and Planet Tachyon

What do we need them for when this energy is all around us? These transformed tachyon products behave like antennas. They bring directed tachyon energy directly to a place that, for various reasons (consciously / unconsciously), has blocked the natural energy supply. However, the healing process itself is carried out by the body itself, with the help of the supplied energy. The effect of tachyon energy is to connect the site to the source of all energy. Tachyon is not considered a panacea or any kind of medicine. It is neither recognized as a medicine, nor can it be seen or measured. Yet tachyon products have helped thousands of people. From my own experience I can say that even though I don’t know “how” it works, it just works 🙂 The best way to find out is to see for yourself.


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