The rediscovery of the use of tachyon energy in modern times is associated with the name of the revolutionary inventor Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943). Tesla has been working for years on how to effectively use tachyon energy as an alternative to the alternating current generators he invented before. Because of disagreements with his patron George Westihnghous, who was worried about financial loss, Tesla decided to go his own way.

In 1931, Tesla and his nephew Peter Soro carried out well-documented and successful tests with a machine that powered a car without a visible power source. He used the Pierce Arrow, a heavy-duty luxury car of the time, for his tests. Instead of the engine had mounted quite different components, only clutch, transmission and drive belt remained. Under the hood, the car had a brushless electric motor that was attached to the engine or replaced it directly. Tesla reportedly did not reveal who constructed it. In the dashboard was placed a kind of “electric receiver”, which was a box containing 12 tubes. The receiver was mounted vertical antenna height of 183 cm. To gain energy, Tesla apparently placed one of his high-performance oscillators near Niagara Falls to power the car with wireless power. The car was able to achieve a huge speed of 130 km / h at that time. However, this invention was not allowed to continue. A few months after the test, Pierce Arrow went bankrupt. Perhaps this was again due to people worried about their profits from fossil fuel use. The Tesla convector was probably the first tachyon invention of modern times.

Another pioneer in using free energy was T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City. He was able to construct an energy convector faster than light, weighing only 28 kg but having a power of 50 kilowatts. Moray also tried to patent his invention. Although the office confirmed that the machine worked and without a visible source of energy, but because its source was invisible, the patent was rejected. Until his death in 1974, he shared his knowledge with a narrow group of interested scientists, even though he was constantly under death threats.

Both Tesla and Moray sought to address the global economic and social problems that resulted from ways of obtaining energy that could be solved more effectively. Although such technologies already exist today, it is possible to wonder whether humanity is mature enough to use them properly. Technology is only one part of solving global problems. A global change of consciousness towards harmony with the whole and compassion is needed to heal the planet. The result may then be the wise use of alternative technologies to benefit humanity.

Role of tachyon in modern times

Dr. As early as 1953, Hans Nieper of Hanover, USA, the authority in the treatment of cancer, atherosclerosis, metabolism and electrolytes or aging, expressed the view that there is energy faster than light. Many NASA measurements also confirmed his view. In his publication Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society, dr. Nieper writes that the existence of tachyon energy has been proven beyond doubt since 1975, and this energy will fundamentally change the world. Today, it is no longer a matter of demonstrating whether tachyon energy really exists as it is in many cases, including the official ATTI patent, but rather how to make the most of it for all humanity. One of the scientists who tries to go in this direction is prof. David Wagner.

In spite of all the obstacles of the tachyon era, it is a reality today, for which we can thank many scientists who have laid the foundation stone for the scientific and health use of tachyon energy.


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According to elaborated tachyon theory and based on research Gabriel Cousensa is the SOEP (subtle organizing energy field) that is responsible for transforming tachyon energy into the appropriate form and frequency needed for that form. SOEPs could also be called subtle packages that interact with each other and with each other. For a better understanding of the functioning of the subtle energies, I personally lean towards Barbara Ann Brennan’s model of 7 basic auric containers interconnected with the chakra system. I consider this theory to be more comprehensive and elaborated in detail (more in books …) and it is also more widespread in the healing community.

Tachyon energy experts also agree that the physical cause of the disease is the result of blocking the flow of energy at subtle levels. It is therefore a reaction, and therefore therapists also support the search for the cause of the illness at the mental and spiritual levels. It corresponds to the holographic understanding of our lives. This means that if we start to look for the cause of a physical illness, we find that it is related to several areas in our lives.

Translation of disease

Let’s look at a practical example: If a person has problems with the pancreas, e.g. inflammation (pancreatitis) cannot fulfill its basic function – production of digestive enzymes and regulation of blood sugar. Pancreas symbolizes the sweetness and love with which we approach life. The problem will be reflected in relationships, partner, family, work, etc. From the perspective of the auric field, sweetness manifests itself on the first level as taste, on the second as sweetness to oneself, on the third in sweetness of thoughts, on the fourth in sweetness from a partnership, etc. Each of the auric containers has a role and corresponds to a certain level of life. The artist in the “translation” of physical illnesses is M. Hrabica, who sees the weakening of the pancreas function as lack of love given and received and satisfaction. If a person has few digestive enzymes, he cannot see the nice thing in people and he misses the joy of every day. He recommends looking at the world with “sweeter” eyes and seeing the love coming from the people around us. Louise L. Hay, a recognized healer, also writes in connection with panreas problems about rejection, anger and frustration from feeling that life has lost sweetness. Positive affirmation for her is to repeat that I like and I’m happy with myself. Only I can sweeten my life and fill it with happiness. Several authors independently describe the connection between the physical problem (pain in the body, exhaustion, discomfort) and other levels of being. The holographic view shows that all these aspects need to be addressed for complete healing, because if something does not fit on one level, it will inevitably affect the others.

Responsibility for health

One needs to be actively involved in this process and take full responsibility for their health. Realizing your share of healing work and not leaving all the responsibility to the doctor, while trying to ward off something that has been grown for several years with a few pills for one weekend. Today, man needs to become an explorer of his life. In this process, she can start by asking questions like “Where exactly do I feel pain?”, “How long does it take?”, What have I done about it so far? and explore all areas of your life. These answers are meant to bring you to yourself and you may sometimes be surprised by what you discover in your lives. The first step to change is to realize the problem.

“The essence of discovery is not just finding new territories, but starting to see with new eyes” Marcel Proust


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As I mentioned on this blog, tachyon energy is found all around us, and each of us is in touch with it. Let’s take an example of the human body. Energy exchange is ongoing. According to the theory of tachyon energy and the zero-point field, everything is available for proper functioning. Why is this not really the case, and we are suffering from diseases? Where did it go wrong on our way to us?

Whether we become ill, what disease and how serious it will depend mainly on how we behave and how we perceive the world around us – with love or with refusal. M. Hrabica


First of all, I would like to point out my understanding of the word illness. For me, illness does not mean anything terrible, bad, negative. Yes, we experience pain in it, that is true, and that is why we have this general view of diseases. Most people try to get rid of the disease as quickly as possible. We often hear sentences like: “I want the disease to go away and I can go on as before”. It is basically an attempt to separate from illness. I perceive illness as a signal or lesson. Each of these lessons can be interpreted. When I talk about a lesson, I want it to evoke in us that we need to learn something. A simple example – when we are healthy, we are in balance, something is coming, something is going away, and some dynamics are still going on. However, we are still unable to maintain this and we are in imbalance. Why? Because we have free will. The will to choose to go that or that way. Once we find ourselves in an imbalance for a while, we feel it in our own body in different forms. There is a simple rule: small injury = small signal, big injury = big signal for our life. We do not always understand why unpleasant things happen. But there is an ideal space to find out at the moment. Then it is natural that if we do not want something like this to happen to us again, we will try to find the cause and we will not try to get rid of the pain quickly without examining it. However, once we understand one lesson, we don’t have to repeat it. The same applies to health. When we understand the cause of a certain disease, we move on (and the next lesson can come :)). In this way, we are able to grow and realize everything around us.

Let’s move on to tachyon theory and how it relates to it all. So we have an inexhaustible resource that, with the help of tachyons, brings what we need, and our body transforms it into an appropriate form. In order to achieve the desired state of health, energy must flow freely through our body. When tachyon energy flows freely into our cells, it “completely organizes the entire metabolism towards an ideal way for it to function” (Wagner). However, sometimes we can create obstacles on this path. Take the Sun for example – it shines constantly on us and gives us warmth. The sun shines on everyone in the same way, it is up to us how we deal with it. By acting or thinking, we can create an imaginary cloud that begins to shield us to a certain place and restrict that energy supply. We usually blame the cloud that stands in our way and try to reassure him. Eventually, we find that the same cloud travels with us to the other city, on holiday or even the spotless Himalayas, to find that once we have created it ourselves, we can let it dissolve ourselves. As in the case of a clogged blood vessel, blood cannot flow freely into its place, as well as in the case of blocked energy, it cannot erase enough of its own energy to function properly. The block at the energy level will sooner or later manifest itself on the physical body that is dependent on the energy supply. On Earth we have everything we can to work in health, it is up to us whether we allow ourselves to be in harmony with the omnipresent energy.

To sum up, the healing process cannot be done without internal work. In fact, tachyons have no effect on their own, rather they organize space and energy flow to allow organisms to get to the desired state. your habits or thoughts about the disease you’re experiencing. I don’t mean to follow you now at every step 🙂 It will be enough to be aware and receptive at every moment of being. Good luck.



[1] Miroslav Hrabica, Co nám tělo říká  aneb Po stopách nemocí, 2007, ISBN 8090232273



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What does this term mean? How can it help us? The word tachyon itself is attributed to scientists Gerald Feinberg and George Sudershan, who first used it around 1960. Many of us have come across this word and many have imagined something of it.

My first Tachyon

Tachyon can be examined from several points of view. The most common definition is physicists and tries to include it in the theory of quantum physics. In my study of tachyon energy, I read everything I found on the Internet. I have seen that many people are skeptical about it, which is quite normal. I also belonged to them from the beginning. That’s why I first checked it all on myself. I can say that although some scientists claim that its existence has not been proven – which may mean that we have not yet measured it, its existence has not been refuted. So far, its effects have been proven to 100%. However, I will not go here because my goal is to give information about tachyons to the general public in everyday language.

Tachyon in detail

However, we will have a short intro with a physical perspective on our world. In general, all forms (eg stone, body, red Ferarri) are a cluster of vibrations. The slower they move, the higher their density. On the contrary, the faster the team, their structure is both shorter and more transparent. The difference between them is therefore given by their frequency. It is the same for all forms in our world that they move at a speed less than the speed of light. This does not mean that there are no other forms. Those forms whose speed is higher can no longer be seen. Quantum physicists call what is beyond this boundary. Zero point field. So far, the only known way to be in contact with this field is through spiritual practice. The zero point field in short contains everything you need to create a mold. It contains potentially all possible forms and is itself formless and unlimited. At this point we get to the tachyons. Tachyon particles are the intermediary between the zero point field and everything that exists below the speed of light.

How can they be perceived?

We can think of them as zero-point messengers (the potential of all energy) that convey the necessary information to other forms according to their needs.

By not having a certain frequency themselves, they represent a perfectly ordered structure. No matter in which the “recipient” is, the tachyon particle contains complete information, and thus the recipient structure can also be organized into a harmonic structure.

Arrange, organize structures at any level.

What is most important for us to understand is precisely this function. Arrange, organize structures at any level. For example, imagine a room where toys are thrown everywhere on the floor. Mr. Tachyon now enters that room and puts his toys in his place. The room is more beautiful, passable and can fulfill its function again. In which room will you feel better? It is precisely the harmoniously arranged structures that allow optimum use of energy and its throughput to other components of the system. When, for whatever reason, the structure of the mold is in a disordered state, its energy nourishment is at a lower level. It should be noted here that the essence of the whole is the structure and not just the supply of energy. It also works with the body. For years we can go to back massage when we have eg. high degree of scoliosis. Until we correct the structure – spine alignment, the pain will return constantly. It’s like pouring water into a leaky glass. It doesn’t matter if we pour Evian or tap water. The effect will be the same.

This help is always available to everyone. It is all around us and at the same time it is a thing that connects us all together. It is a holistic approach to the functioning of the universe.

Practical use

All right. What can it actually do for us?

I personally consider all tachyon products to be certain crutches in my life that I can:

  • supply the body with energy to support the self-healing process – concentrate your energy on the healing process
  • neutralize the negative effects of the electromagnetic field – e.g. sitting behind the computer for a long timegetting into physical and mental harmony – relax, perceive yourself and the world around you
  • temporarily recharge almost all living and non-living forms – eg. flowers in the house, help animals
  • deepen and soothe sleep – by acting on the outer skin of the body, the phases of sleep can be deepened
  • help to find the cause of the disease – to get information about the nature of the disease in awareness
  • Of course, this list is not exhaustive. Each of us can discover applications in many of the fields we are dealing with. If you have your own positive experiences or good ideas as tachyon energy has helped you, feel free to write me and I can complete this list with your help 🙂


[1] Dr. Andreas Jell, Tachyon, klíč ke zdraví. Souhrnná příručka o tachyonech, možnostech používaní tachyonizovaných produktu a léčení tachyonovou energií. 2005

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