Tachyon protection against mobile EMF II.


From an energy point of view, cancer or other illness is definitely a composite, entropy process. Any system that goes through the process of entropy over time will find itself in a state of exhaustion and the natural outcome is disease, imbalance, or death.

From a holistic perspective, the issue of mobile phones in relation to cancer is questionable. Cancer is a by-product that is inherently associated with entropy. Therefore, we should ask ourselves: Can mobile phones cause entropy? In the opinion of one of the entropy experts Dr. Gabriel Cousens the answer is yes!  https://treeoflifecenterus.com/gabriel-cousens-m-d/


For this project, Dr. Counsens chose the EMT prototype


This device measures strength. Increased value means negative entropy response. The reduced value represents the entropy response. This measurement removes the subjectivity of the researcher. Each of the individuals tested used a mobile phone during this testing.

Each individual was rated two to three times based on final judgment. Based on the initial evaluation, we have created a baseline. Next, the test person started a conversation on their mobile phone. The cell phone was either on the right or left side of the head according to the person. Dr. Cousens took a second EMT measurement after less than 2 minutes of phoning. The second measurement compared to the baseline should indicate whether the values ​​are different, thus having an entropy effect or a negative entropy effect. If the second measurement confirmed an entropy response, Dr. Cousens installed a Tachyon micro-disk on the phone battery. The test person started the conversation for more than 2 minutes. During the conversation, we made a third measurement that was compared to the baseline (the first measurement we used to compare values).

Dr. Cousens tested 186 people. First, we made a baseline (the first measurement before we started making calls). The second measurement revealed that 90 percent of people experienced relative bioenergy exhaustion (entropy) while using a mobile phone. This clearly shows us that cell phones EMF increase entropy. After the tachyon disk was installed on the mobile phone, a third measurement was made. 100 percent of the subjects tested showed a significant bioenergy increase above the baseline. According to Dr. Cousens, a tachyon micro disk is the only material rated to reverse the entropy effects on test subjects. It is interesting to note that 7 percent of test subjects were unaffected by mobile phones and 3 percent showed bioenergy increases. Dr. Cousens says that 3 percent are the same as finding that a portion of the population has experience as he calls it energy reversal.

Dr. Cousens’s conclusion is that cell phones have an entropy effect on most of the population. He claims that the best way to avoid the biological exhaustion that these devices create is to refrain from using them. If you cannot work without a mobile phone, you should protect yourself from entropy effects. According to Dr. Cousens, tachyon micro-disk is the best solution for harmonization and electromagnetic fields created by mobile phones.


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